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3 Surprising Facts About Land Surveying

Jan 24, 2023

According to the National Geodetic Survey, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric reference stations continuously operating in the network completely cover only 22 territories in the United States. This makes the work of land survey companies even more important. Continue reading to learn three surprising facts about land survey companies and the history of the profession.

1. Land Surveying Was First Used by Ancient Egyptians

The occupation of land surveying goes back to ancient times! The Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to utilize private land surveying, according to Britannica. The history of the practice goes back even further than 3,000 years. The foundation that land surveying provided led the Greeks and Romans to make some interesting developments of their own. Surveying knowledge eventually led to the discovery of right angles and straight lines. These advancements played a significant role in the development of architecture as visualized by the Greek and Roman societies.

2. Technology Is an Important Part of Private Land Surveying

Some of the first tools that were used for land surveying were cutting-edge for their time. The Groma was invented by the Greeks and Romans to help them conduct their land surveys, according to CourthouseDirect. The long staff and bar at the top of the tool were used to measure right angles. It wasn’t until the late 1700s that the Groma was updated. The innovations of English mathematician, Jesse Ramsden, added a circular dividing edge which allowed private land surveyors to make their calculations more accurate.

3. A Few Popular Historical Figures Were Land Surveyors

Did you know that, according to mountvernon.org, the first president of the United States, George Washington, worked as a land surveyor? Captain James Cook, an explorer known for traveling to all of the Earth’s major continents, was also a professional land surveyor. It’s interesting that what many think of as a quiet profession has such a rich history. Becoming a surveyor means following in the professional footsteps of a number of accomplished historical figures.

These were just three amazing facts about land surveying. If you’re in need of the services provided by a land surveying company, contact Stoeckel Jahner Land Surveying today. Our team is reliable and can deliver accurate results.