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Know Your Boundaries: How Farm Property Surveyors Can Help You Out

Jul 01, 2021

Farms in the USA are becoming a scarce commodity. For a country that started out in the Jeffersonian tradition of being rural and agrarian, the amount of family farms in the USA decreases just a bit each year as land is lost to developers and other uses. In 2014, farms in the United States occupied a total area of approximately 913 million acres. By 2020, this amount decreased to about 896 million acres.

This means that if you have a farm and don’t want to sell it or have it needlessly taken from you, then you need to have good property surveyors on your side. But not just any surveyors will do, you need¬†farm property surveyors that know exactly how to find out the legal boundaries of your farm. Doing so will benefit your farm, your life, and your legal abilities down the road. By letting us expand upon the benefits now, we’ll save you hassle later.

Get GPS Boundary Results

In the days of yore, surveying land was a bit of a guessing game. Using specialized telescopes, measurement tools, and simply walking the property was good enough for most people. If locals or historical accounts indicated that someone owned something, that also might be good enough to throw into a historical document. Luckily, we live in the modern age where evidence and science trump the farm property surveyors of yesteryear. These days, the best surveyors use GPS and topographical maps in order to find the exact boundaries of your land. While they will take historical records into account, these need to be proven in a court of law in order to be added onto the official boundaries of the land. By being meticulous, you’ll get the actual boundaries of your property and be able to rest easier at night.

Have Facts Trump History


Many times in rural areas, historical disputes and land lines have no legal basis. You may have been feuding for years or perhaps even decades with the county that you live in or a neighboring family over pieces of property, with no actual legal basis. By having farm property surveyors come in and gather all the facts so that they can survey the property with advanced technology and determine what is what, facts can finally trump history (hopefully in your favor). Once you have the deed in your hands and the associated factual information that may include GPS coordinates or better, we think that you’ll feel like a million bucks. Finally settle historical disputes or hearsay with actual evidence, so you can get back to what matters: farming and taking care of your land.

Pass on Your Land With Pride and Accuracy

By knowing the official boundaries of your land and being able to rely on the excellence of advanced farm property surveyors, you can deed your land to future generations with accuracy and pride. Even if you don’t have a family and want to donate it to a foundation or other civil organization, it helps to have all of your ducks in a row. From the deed to the exact mathematical boundaries done by GPS and plotted digitally, you will have all of the information you need and more in order to pass down what has been so precious to you and your kin all these years. Who knows what future generations will learn from it?

One Call Is All It Takes

When you call a company like Stoeckel Jahner Land Surveying, you’re getting a whole bunch of expertise and goodwill rolled up into one package. By using the most advanced and relevant technology, we’ve turned the profession of farm property surveyors into almost an art form. Finally be able to see the actual boundaries of your farmland and settle historical disputes with ease by relying upon advanced GPS surveying with specialized tools and more. You’ll be able to know exactly where your land ends and begins to the smallest fraction of a foot. One call is all it takes to have this peace of mind so that you never have to worry about someone overstepping their boundaries ever again!