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Why It’s Important to Know Where Your Boundary
Lines Are

Nov 03, 2023

Most people assume they know what their boundary lines are or don’t care about them enough to know. The precise boundary lines of your property may seem meaningless most of the time. However, knowing this critical piece of information is essential for several reasons.

Build a Fence

Knowing where your property lines are is essential when building a fence. If you accidentally create a fence on your neighbor’s property because you don’t know where those lines are, you can be forced to take it down. You also may wind up with a fence too far on your property, making your backyard smaller.

Increase Property Value

When determining your property value, you must know precisely where your property boundaries are. Several things contribute to your overall property value. For example, more unique properties are generally worth more. If there is a stream or other water feature on the additional property, it can increase the value. Likewise, dense areas of brush and other unsightly features can decrease the estimate. Knowing the exact lines around your property ensures an accurate appraisal.

Avoid Disputes

Fence building is a common neighbor dispute regarding 
boundary lines, but it’s far from the only one. Neighbors might use your property for hunting or to ride four-wheelers because they don’t know it’s your property. You may accidentally build a shed on your neighbor’s property. Not only will this give them the right to use the shed you invested in, but they can also take you to court and make you tear it back down. Knowing where your property begins and ends instantly solves disputes.

Understand Property Taxes

Several things contribute to how much you pay in property tax. One of the main factors considered is the size of your property. When you know precisely how large your property is, you can estimate how much property tax you must pay the following year. This lets you budget appropriately throughout the year instead of winding up with a surprise tax bill you can’t afford.

There are over 47,000 land surveyors in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That makes it incredibly important to find a reputable and reliable company. We are locally owned and offer free estimates. Contact Stoeckel Jahner Land Surveying today for more information. We look forward to working with you and finding your property’s boundary lines.